Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Solde in the Marais

Yesterday was the first day of the big Summer Sales (Soldé). You have 6 weeks to get in on it.
I went to the Marais to catch the OLGA PICASSO exhibit at the Picasso Museum and couldn't help stalking gold sandals enroute.
Now they're on sale so its too late to buy. Passé.
Love all the signs in the vitrines.
Learn your color coding. Do not be caught offguard. Red = 50%
in the last weeks or so some prices even drop to 70% off!
But what's left to buy?
Still there was an air of glee
These chic girls can't shop, plastered to a wall in the Marais.
Chic Parisiens were definitely out hunting and gathering.
Very good for people watching...
Trés, trés chic shopper with her Colette bag. You can never go wrong wearing dark navy + black.
She was passing by this pretty florist's doorway.
Lots of green in the Marais to browse now if you're not into shopping.
A quiet pocket parc behind the Picasso Musée. Tomorrow the fabulous Olga exhibit report! Stay tuned.Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my Etsy shop. You can now do 'guest checkout' without registering.Á demain!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer in Paris

Oh frabjous day. Calloo callay! In the breezy 70s today after super hot Wednesday when it hit 100.
Lots of happy tourists cruising the Seine.
I never realized how many bags people carry/wear in this town till I started drawing them. Three is the norm. Be prepared.
Metalic sandals are IN. Preferably in gold. Golden running shoes too are hot.
Kenzo has hand-painted cartoony dresses for Summer in Paris.
The Nerides counter in Galeries Lafayette is featuring The Three Bears this summer...
They also have 'fascinator' hats as the British call them, for weddings and other celebrations.
I guess a pineapple summer bag is a must-have.
Or you could carry a bag of cherries and share.
Tomate de cerise will do. Tomatoes are fruit ya know.
Speaking of fruit, new perfumer, Candora has grapefruit and red fruit aromas along with ginger and rose in their new shop on 1 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe.
A plethora of pinky Rosés are out. How does one choose? They are all beautiful if you buy according to the prettiest label, which is how women are supposed to buy wine!?
The coolest drink this week was at Il Gelato del Marchese. Bubbly water + mint leaves + lemon and cucumber slices + ice cubes.
Serve yourself some perfection.
I tasted their avocado + ricotta gelato. Double perfection.
How are you staying cool during the heatwave. 
Is it true you should drink hot liquids instead of cold?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A little more Amsterdam

Dank je (thank you) again to HOLLAND TOURIST OFFICE for inviting me to visit Amsterdam last week.
Such beautiful cheese and so many opps to taste..
Tulip bulbs in the Flower Market
Of course waffles.
Speculaas with an A. In Belgium its spelled with an O FYI. They both shared Flanders at one time, home of the spicy, gingery cookie impossible not to love.
Amsterdam's gingerbread houses. Even easier to love.
By chance I wondered into the Begjnhof enclave. I saw flowering trees down a dark entryway (door on the right) and popped in. Best way to make discoveries when you travel is follow your intuitions.
160 canals and counting in Amsterdam
My canal watercolor..
Endless bikes.
The famous herring place
Exactly in front of the famous SEAFOOF BAR.
I had to run in for a bowl of their inimitable lobster soup (made from the shells).
A stunning display of legs and claws but no time to linger. The train was waiting.
I grabbed a tram forgetting they move slow as tortoises.
With just two hours to explore after the Small Wonders exhibit, I grabbed a pedi-cab to get me halfway to Central station. Bumpy ride but fun.
A beautifully carved old facade on one of Amsterdam's narrow pedestrian streets.
To-die-for beautiful Copperplate calligraphy in Amsterdam's shop windows. I've taken calligraphy up again the last 6 weeks to make your envelopes prettier, but there's a long ways to go. Practice, practice, practice. I hope you enjoyed a little more Amsterdam. I hope I'll get back again soon! Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my shop. You can now do 'guest checkout' without registering.
Bon journée.