Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Antibes, Trains Express Régionaux, Cannes - Ventimiglia

After a couple of hours in Cannes I took the coastal train back to the town of Antibes, maybe a 5 minute trip.
These Trains Express Regionaux are a joy to ride. Air-conditioned, with nice bathrooms (yay) and a terrific way to see the whole Riviera right from your window.
Cheap too. A day ticket can be 10€ Get off and on as you like all the way to Ventimiglia. If you have a carte senior for the train halve the price.
The trains can get crowded at times but usually the crowds get off after a stop or two.
Riviera train stations are nice too. I should have sat down and painted this one.
Such a pretty town.
Wonderfully warm colors.
Does every French town of a decent size have a carrousel? There are two in Antibes.
The biggest problem when traveling on the fly is figuring out where to eat. I have to work on this. Or rather PLAN AHEAD. Read up before I get into town. Its time consuming trying to see where Trip advisor says you should eat. I usually end up underwhelmed and overpaying, except for these excellent moules farci - the same as escargot and delicious.
In future I must learn to opt for simpler fare.
Antibes' marché was loaded with plenty of bistros that would have suited me so much better.
And serving more typically local dishes as well. Live and learn.
Nearby the marché Picasso's chateau Grimaldi came highly recommended. Franchement I think the Paris Picasso museum is far superior.
But a nice photography show on.
And the views out the windows are spectacular. What a beautiful town.
Be sure and get a good window seat on the train. The views are terrific.
I'm finally getting around to paint those views.
Almost as good as being there...
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Have a sunny Riviera day!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Cannes, Thank you Adrian

Thank you Adrian Leeds! If I didn't get your newsletters, Parler Paris and Parler Nice, I wonder if I would have gone to Nice and the Riviera?
On my last day I took the little regional train to Antibes and last minute decided to stay on onboard for Cannes..just a 30 minute ride from Nice. It was 10 am so the public beaches were not crowded.
The private beaches were empty.
You keep thinking of the 'Roaring 20s' when you're in Cannes
People still wear the stripped jerseys..
Though bare shoulders are IN this summer too.
I'm sure they ate the same big tuna sandwiches back then.
Cream-filled tarte Tropezienne pastry may be a recent invention.
I was surprised how much I liked Cannes. Graceful palm trees line the promenades by the beach.
Big, grand hotels sprawl along the Croissett
Charming art deco sculptures in the parks dividing the beach and hotels.
The hotel ground floors are filled with luxury chains like Celine, Gucci, Dior. Like popcorn stores lined up one after the other. Does anyone shop there?
More fun to lounge in the park and watch the parade of beach people.
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Happy August PBers!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nice Letters?

I think I'm in love..
So should I?
Move to Nice?
Can I sell my watercolors here?
At the Cours Salaya Marché in the old town?
The colors here are my colors..warm and REDS.
I've been trying to place the yellow
You see it everywhere.
Its Socca yellow! My dinner last night cos I couldn't find the restaurant on the map and the other was closed and, and. But I discover the nooks and crannies of the old town. Utterly delicious.
Isnt this a living Matisse? i must get to his museum here!!
What they are wearing. Long, loose, print, flowy. Relaxed.
This whole town is relaxed. And joyous. The colors must have that effect.
Last night at Place Massena.
Should I get this bag? Def Nice colors. Should I move to Nice? I am definitely coming back. Soon. Forget Provence. The Riviera is Fab!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Nice Colors

Guess where Bear is?
Yup, you guessed it.
In Nice.
Such beautiful colors
In Nice.
Warm reds
Warm yellow-golds. Warm warm warm. And yes it is HOT in Nice..like maybe 40 with the humidity.
I took one look at the beach and decided not to..
I did go into ALZIARI, makers of famed virgin olive oil.
Beautiful graphics!
Their products are pretty good too. I went a little nuts.
Here's what I ate for lunch at L'Ybane on 1 rue de la Liberté. Chick peas 3 ways + some chicken brochette. (12€) I could eat this everyday. After Provence I want everything savory. Maybe its the heat?
Here's how I may look when I get back. Nice colors...ahem. SNFC throws these daily deals at you like -20€ and only +4€ for 1st class, so that's how come I'm in Nice at the moment. Impulsivity to blame. I'm taking the Riviera coast train to Menton today to paint. Only 32 minutes away. Maybe Villefranche tomorrow. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like Parisbreakfast letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox, do take a look in my shop.
Tootles PBers 😀